Airsoft Behaviour 101

In this article we are going to talk about what you should expect from the other players, and what other players expect from you, in and off the field, please read thoroughly.

First of all, lets make clear that Airsoft Guns are not simple toys; they are highly detailed firearm replicas that fire a plastic projectile at a speed close to 400 Feet per Second. Like other marker guns, these are specifically designed to be discharged at people in private, controlled environments. When used correctly, Airsoft Guns are a fun way to engage in sport type competitions, military simulations or reenacments, or just to go out and meet people while exercising in the open nature.

First of all, you should make sure all your gear and guns are in working condition, and you have all the elements needed to play Airsoft properly, like ANSI Z87-rated eye protection, enough quality BB's, Green Gas or Co2 for your gas guns or grenades, a decent pair of boots and a uniform in good shape would be the bare minimum recommended to be able to enjoy a good day of Airsoft.

Once you are sure that you have all the right gear for your game, you should head to your desired event's organiser website, in order to get informed about the game you want to attend.

Please make sure you read all the rules and meet all the requirements to join the game, as some games have uniform restrictions and/or weapon-specific rules. There is nothing worse than arriving to location and find out you don't have the gear required to fully enjoy your Airsoft experience.

After booking your ticket, is always a good idea to get in contact with other Airsoft Players or Airsoft Teams in order to coordinate any pre-game info or even travel. Keep in mind some Airsoft Games are held in the open nature, often in remote locations, and with limited parking and limited ability to reach staging point, therefore is recommended to gather information about the venue, how to get there, weather in location, parking capacity, location of the safe zones, etc.

With everything ready and your tickets booked, is time for you to attend the game. Typhoon Airsoft recommends travelling with all your gear in the boot of your car, with your guns ALWAYS stored in a gun bag or gun hard case.

Preferably you should not wear any camouflage clothes or tactical accessories before you enter the Airsoft field, likewise your guns should be disassembled and/or stored until you are geared up and ready to play.

Behaviour on the Airsoft field

As a good Airsoft Player, you should be ready to play before the game officially starts, leaving time for on-site registration, and chrono procedures. Please ask a marshall or follow instructions in order to chrono your guns and attend the safety briefing before the game.

Typhoon Airsoft recommends always attending the safety briefing, as new rules or modifications may apply for that current game, and you should note any guidelines given by game control in order to accomplish your mission or objective.

Game starts !

You are expected to play hard, call your hits at all times, and follow team instructions in order to complete the mission. Please understand your limitations and the limitations of your Airsoft guns, do not venture into unknown areas or shoot from unsuspected positions.

Remember that in order for everybody to enjoy their day of Airsoft you should ALWAYS CALL YOUR HITS, even when in doubt. You should never call an enemy's hit, you should trust their honesty as they are trusting yours. This is very important.

Typhoon Airsoft also recommends being extremely careful when judging a grenade hit or kill radius, as different rules apply for different fields and types of grenades; For the most part we recommend taking the hit anyway to avoid confusion as, in the end, it simulates an explosive device that will definitely hurt you, therefore is a good conduct to call your hit and point the location of the grenade to the enemy player in case he wants to retrieve it.

By the time the game ends, its good manners to thanks the game control staff and the other players. This not being essential but helps the social part of Airsoft as well as helping create a good community in your area.

Please ensure you collect all your rubbish on your way out, including tape or armbands, food containers, water bottles, expended co2 capsules, etc.

We hope this article helps you to better understand Airsoft as a whole, and please feel free to contact us for any further enquiries.