Airsoft Safety 101

In this article we would like to share our experience with you regarding safety on and off the field, please read thoroughly.

First of all, lets make clear that Airsoft Guns are not simple toys; they are highly detailed firearm replicas that fire a plastic projectile at a speed close to 400 Feet per Second. Like other marker guns, these are specifically designed to be discharged at people in private, controlled environments. When used correctly, Airsoft Guns are a fun way to engage in sport type competitions, military simulations or reenacments, or just to go out and meet people while exercising in the open nature.

From a safety point of view, Airsoft Guns are very safe, as the force of the projectile is very low, and the material used in the Airsoft Bb's is prone to break upon hard impact; All that being said, Airsoft Guns can still cause injury when not used properly. The most dangerous situation is a shot to the eyeball, which depending on distance and velocity, can damage the eyes or cause blindness. That's why suitable eye protection is mandatory in all Airsoft Fields, being mainly used in the field, Typhoon Airsoft recommends wearing eye protection at all times when manipulating your airsoft gun or even in the Airsoft Field safe zone.

Another safety aspect to be considered would be skin penetration. This may only occur in limited instances, but depending on weight of the Bb and velocity upon impact, a 6mm Bb can break and penetrate soft tissue and bare skin. Wearing protection gear such as full face masks, helmets, padded gloves or simply an extra layer of clothing is highly recommended. Please keep in mind that an impact on bare skin or tight clothing can result in welts or broken skin.

Last but not least, another major concern with safety is the appearance of our Airsoft Guns. You should never brandish your Airsoft Gun in public, as it can be mistaken for a real firearm by citizens and law enforcement, and can result in serious legal repercussions or even death. Please restrict the use of your Airsoft Gun to your private property or the Airsoft Field only, and never carry your Airsoft Gun without a gun bag or a hard case.
Weapon Safety

When manipulating any kind of gun, the code of firearms safety applies:

1- Treat your weapon always as it was loaded, follow all safety procedures at all times.

2- Never point you Airsoft Gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. When not engaged in combat in the Airsoft Field, keep your gun pointed at a safe direction.

3- Keep your finger off the trigger until you are sighted in and ready to shoot. Keep your finger off the trigger when reloading or manipulating your Airsof Gun. Use safety switch when possible.

4- Know your target background and foreground. Keep in mind that Airsoft Bb's leave the barrel with considerable force, and can fly a long distance. Do not engage in situations where you might hit somebody close up by mistake or overshoot Game Control Staff, or dead players standing by behind your target.

Personal Safety

Like any other sport, safety protocols a very important exercise, but with that being said, Airsoft is a very safe sport/hobby, and most injuries caused by Airsoft activities can be prevented with decent gear and a little bit of planning.

Typhoon Airsoft recommends wearing good footwear, and good quality socks to any Airsoft game, as feet injuries are one of the most common injuries when playing on the field. Keep in mind that footwear designed for outdoor activities and military boots will have features like anti-sleep soles, waterproof fabric, reinforced toe tips, ankle support, etc. Those features can prevent most feet related injuries, although you should still be extra careful when playing in wet environments, unknown woodland locations or uneven terrain.

Heat exhaustion is another common problem in the field; Please hydrate before, during and after an Airsoft Event, and wear some type of head cover when exposed to long periods under the sun, something like a tactical hat, boonie, balaclava, or even a helmet will reduce the temperature on your head, preventing a heat stroke.

Eye protection is mandatory and should be worn at all times. Typhoon Airsoft enforces the safety glasses rule, and we only provide and accept eye protection that meets or exceeds ANSI Z87 ratings, or is NATO equivalent, at our events. Typhoon Airsoft does not recommend mesh style eye pro, as the little holes present in the steel mesh tend to grind and shatter the Bb's, launching little flakes of plastic to the inside of the frame. Steel mesh eye protection won't be allowed at Typhoon Airsoft events.

Padded gloves are also a good idea from a safety standpoint, as being hit in the nail or knuckle will result in minor injury and can be painful. Most tactical gloves offer a degree of protection, with some models offering full padding, fire-retardant material, carbon fibre inserts, etc.
Public Safety:

Airsoft Fields are normally located in the outdoor and cover large areas of terrain. We always recommend following the basic weapon safety rules at all times, and be always careful when operating in unknown terrain. If you were to encounter a passing by citizen, please use common sense and approach the situation calmly. Typhoon Airsoft always recommends contacting the local law enforcement office in the area, as well as marking the area with information signs stating the event on course.

Never engage or purposely destroy the wildlife and vegetation on the Airsoft Field, and never move objects out of its intended location for personal gain such cover or concealment. "Backyard" Airsoft is not recommended at all, as it can cause legal issues and destroy or damage property, please restrict the use of your Airsoft Gun to registered fields only.